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Do You Need to Paint Stucco?

stuccopaintIf you have stucco applied to your home and you are not exactly fond of the material’s natural color, then you option will be to paint the stucco.  There are in fact three methods on how you can add color to stucco – using different mixes, adding oxide pigments, and painting.  The latter of course is the easiest as you can get the color you want easily through the paint you will be using.

When painting stucco, it is important to keep in mind that you need to have your wall prepped before painting.  If your retaining wall siding have just been recently installed and applied, you may have to wait a few weeks before you can apply paint.  On the other hand, if your drywall is damaged, you may need to have it repaired first otherwise the stucco paint you will be doing will not be visually appealing.

If you opt to paint stucco, the best paints to use are acrylic paints.  Never use paints that are oil-based as they have the capacity to dry differently on stucco.  Not only do oil-based paints tend to move away from the material, but this type of paint is not also good for the stucco material.  Always use acrylic paints only when painting stucco.